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RIOX Metaverse

RIOX METAVERSE is an expanding world, the game takes place on Vidigal area, this is a neighborhood and favela wich has an area of about 163 ha (based on the real location) placed on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is a huge differential that happens on the game.
Vidigal Map in-game
Vidigal in-game
Withing the game is possible to perceive the fidelity to the real city, so is possible find tourist spots and compare then to the real ones.
Sheraton Hotel (in-game).
Sheraton Hotel (real life)
Another sightseeing is the famous Vidigal's square.
Vidigal Square (in-game)
Vidigal Square (real life)
Of course in a post-apocalyptic world the buildings, scenery and vegetation must be adapt to the theme where the players must survive in this isolated pandemic place, looking for supplies to keep surviving.
Within the game it is possible to find advertising and buildings that portray the local businesses in this region.
Loja do Mecânico (in-game)
Loja do Mecanico (real life)
Players will can find thoose market places around the map, but just at safezones it will be able to interact to the NPCs linked to e-commerce's real market API. Huge companies and startups may purchase a selling point at the safezone and market their products and deliver the product for the player's home. Enabled plays may use RIOX token to purchase on thoose markets.
Redragon Store (model in development)
This image shows a concept that the player can interact to the Redragon market's showcase placed on safezone. They also can complete the purchase right there.
Also Advertisements can be purchased, but it's going to work as rotating bases through an auction on RIOX PORTAL.
The players can find lots of ads and billboards around the game on purpose to hold a rotating auction of these locations so that companies or RIOX Token holders can take advantage on this spaces. Using the temporary NFT settings, the rotating ad will be valid per 30 days.
RIOX METAVERSE is a system where players interact to experiences created by developers, casual and NFT players in addition to community-created experiences. RIOX METAVERSE has a team actively working to create first-rate experiences.