Collections NFT

Each in-game NFT, be it a character, a weapon, an ad or even a refuge contains its own internal characteristics, which are recorded in the IPFS and synced to the blockchain. All these objects can be presented as classic NTFS and can be sold in any market, exchanging for any currency of choice.
Over the course of the project's development, additional collaborations with various brands and other projects are planned in order to create mutually complementary collections.



Billboards and advertising

Truck with advertisement

Partner stores and Hideouts

Hiding places
Partner advertising
Partner advertising
Each playable NFT belongs to a limited edition skin set that is extremely rare and can be easily converted to any cryptocurrency on any market, providing full access to the game and all the processes described in this document.
The collection of playable NFTs consists of 10,000 unique characters classified in different levels of rarities, with up to 10 types of features; There will also be 12,000 unique weapon skins with up to 12 types of traits. These collections will be part of the "mother NFT collection" called Genesis.
The Genesis collection of playable NFTs will be distributed within several random boxes, each random box, when opened, will automatically send a playable NFT to your wallet, 2 types of categories will be created for the random boxes, characters and weapons , which can be purchased separately on our website (sales available for a limited time).
Billboards, advertising, tickets and hideouts will be temporary in-game items. Its main feature is the creation and expiration date. Temporary NFTs can be democratically acquired in the marketplace through the model map, visualizing the location and characteristics of the item to be acquired through a public auction that will take place monthly, each temporary NFT will give you access and rights for a limited time in a determined space within the game. Each temporary NFT that has already been used in-game can be traded in the external market as a collectible item, as it will still be available in the wallet. It will just no longer be valid in the game.
To extract the full potential of the project with all the innovations described in this document, RIO-X brought together several programmers and engineers, they combined the best technology with various technical developments to produce the game. Various artists were involved in the evolution of the project, each and every one contributing their own unique ideas and concepts. But the most vital achievement was the implementation and integration of the technologies used, a human discovery whose absence would make the given concept impossible to implement.