The game takes place in a hostile environment, where the player's main concern is to find supplies that will be distributed on the map such as food, drink, medicine, weapons and coins. These items are limited and work in conjunction with the scarcity algorithm, preventing item overload.
Supply Box
Players can loot or battle enemies to steal supplies, team up, and search for a safezone on the map. Safezones are randomly placed on the map, it is necessary for the player to look for them while running away from infected, battling enemies and helping friends.

Game Combat Controls

Default Basic Combat Controls
Reload: For "R" loading button works, the player needs to add a box magazine to it, this can be done from the inventory, dragging the magazine into the magazine slot on the right side and also needs to be armed.
Ammo: You need to place ammo in the magazine manually by dragging the ammo box on top of the magazine.
Rest Mode: You can enter rest mode by pressing the "C" key, this reduces the noise caused by the player and increases the speed of Stamina increase.
Rest mode

Itens in-game

In-game items are defined by rarities, these rarities are highlighted by the following colors:
  • Regular (white);
  • Rare (blue);
  • Epic (purple);
  • Legendary (golden);
  • Hidden (red);

Smart Watch

When entering the game, the player will have nothing but a Smart Watch that serves as a HUD and that displays information such as hunger, thirst, stamina, life level, compass and time;
We use this system to improve player immersion in survival mode. The Watch can be viewed by pressing the "H" key.
Smart Watch
There is also an explanation for why all survivors inside the walls have these devices:
After the soldiery arrives in the isolation area, the government announced the arrival of monitor watches.
The health posts are not working to assist survivors, so these watches are made for passing reports to their wearer data such as: stamina, thirst, glucose levels, etc are available. The watches are charged in sunlight, so it don't need a battery system.
“- We are still working and studying another ways to help survivors until find a cure.”
says the President to the RJ newspaper.


In-game weapons cannot be purchased for RIOX Token. All weapons will be randomly distributed by the server's loot distribution algorithm, they can be found in supply crates or in exclusive events.
Each weapon has its default version and custom appearance. Therefore, none of them will change their level or internal property.
AK47 Flamengo - NFT Skin Collection
Check out some weapons available in the game:
Assaut Rifles
Revolver - 9mm (Pistol) / 4 slots
Damage: 37 - body / 100 - head
Glock - 9mm (Pistol) / 4 slots
Damage: 19 - body / 98 - head
AK47 - 7.62 (Assault rifle) / 8 slots
Damage: 30 - body / 100 - head
Compatible with: Red dot, holographic, 4x, 6x
G3A3 - 7.62 (Assault rifle) / 8 slots
Damage: 26 - body / 100 - head
Compatible with: Red dot, holographic, 4x, 6x
Ia2 - 5.56 ( Assault rifle) / 8 slots
Damage: 22 - body / 100 - head
Compatible with: Red dot, holographic, 4x, 6x
ParaFAL (M964 A1) - 7.62 (DMR) / 8 slots
Damage: 35 body / 100 - head
OTs-14 Groza - 7.62
Damage: body - 31 / head - 100
AS VAL / VSS Vintorez - 9mm (subsonic ammunition)
Damage: body - 23 / head - 70
FN P90 - 5.7mm
Damage: body - 21 / head - 73
M24 - 7.62 / 8 slots
Damage: Body - 80 / Head - 100
M200 Cheytac Intervention - .408
Damage: Body - 100 / Head - 100
AWM (Artic Warfare Magnum) - .338 Lapua Magnum
Damage: Body - 95 / Head - 100
Mossberg - cal.12 (Shotgun) / 8 slots
Variable damage by distance
Compatible with: holographic
Pan - Melee / 4 slots
Wrench - Melee / 4 slots
Hammer D2 - Melee / 4 slots
Flashlight - "Melee" / 4 slots
Black: 7.62
Red: 9mm
Green: cal.12
Blue: 5.56
Red dot
Acog 4x
TS 6x
Ammo and hidden magazines can be purchased only from merchants in the Safe Zone. (It's impossible to find in drops scattered around the map).
Another weapons and accessories are already in development.

Air Drop Event

A variable amount of RIO Coin will be included in air drops. This amount can vary according to the number of players on the server through a player detection algorithm at the time of activating the air drop mechanic, so that RIO Coins will not dumpe on empty servers.
The drop comes being transported by a cargo plane.

Where to find RIO Coin?

It is possible to find the item "RIO Coin" in supply boxes around the map, this makes players always be moving.
PVP simulation to get the coin
If another player kills you while you have the RIO Coin item, they can loot your body. The only way to make the coins safe is to take them to the safe zone and exchange them for RIOX Token with the exclusive NPC for the exchange.
It is necessary to be with Character NFT to make the exchange at NPC Bank
If the player is using the default character, he will have access to the RIO Coin, but without the possibility of exchanging it for RIOX. However, you will be able to buy survival items to improve your experience and fortify yourself in the safe zone.

Safe zone

They are literally safe zones available on the map. These places will be activated randomly and will be active for a limited period of time. Players' main objective is to reach this area to be able to store their items and maintain their survival within the game for a longer period of time.
Check out how do they going to work:
  • Immunity and PVP restriction within the safe zone area;
  • Exclusive NPC Bank for exchanging RIO Coin to RIOX;
  • Locker's "life time";
  • Counter away from keyboard (AFK). If the player is inactive for 10 minutes at the safe zone, he is kicked off the server;
  • 4 Safe Zone areas with random variation of release to exchange RIO Coin, method to encourage PVP, increase tension and immersion for the player who wants to exchange or to steal the RIO Coin;
  • Multiple Safe Zones with the possibility of exchanging the RIO Coin in only two of them, for example: There's 4 available Safe Zones, but only 2 of them will be active and changing every 4 hours to exchange the RIO Coin. To find out which one it is, the player must go to the Safe Zones and check it if the Bank is open;
  • If the player is making a RIO Coin exchange at the time the safe zone closes, he will continue to make the exchange normally and, as soon as he disconnects, he will no longer have the option to open it again;
  • There will be markets inside the Safe Zone that sell in-game items using RIO Coin, such as weapons, ammo, chargers, food, accessories, etc...
  • These markets will going to be open even if the RIO Coin trading is disabled.

RIO Coin Exchanges

The RIO Coin exchange can only be done in any Safe Zone opened on the map and will work as follows:
After arriving in an open safe zone, you must go to the Bank to be able to make the tradings. As soon as you connect on NPC Bank, an "EXCHANGE" button will appears, and once you click it, a page will open using web3 technology. (You just can make the exchange if the player currently has the NFT Character. Using the default character it will not be possible to perform this operation).
The RIO Coin cannot be acquired in the foreign market, it is an exclusive in-game item, its acquisition is only possible by playing.

Global Inventory

In the safe zone there will be a local NPC with global inventory functions, where you can store items in general.
Even if you switch servers you will still be able to access your items from the global inventory by going to the safe zone.


Items from the global inventory and the game in general can be cleared to maintain the balance of gameplay between players. The scarcity algorithm will periodically check the database to certify that there is still balance on the servers and will inform RIOX Token holders that in a few days the server will have to be cleaned up.
The wipe can also be suggested by the DAO community. Every wipe process will be submitted for approval within the DAO System.