Clan System

Clans can dominate territorial zones and consequently be rewarded at the end of the month through the overall clan ranking. Rewards will come from revenue generated in RIOX Portal.
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  • After "LEVEL 15" players will be able to create a clan with their own name and visual identity;
  • Each account can be part of only one clan, as well as being able to create only one, if the player is not part of any already created;
  • A clan consists of a maximum of 20 members;
  • The clan's owner can get more member slots by purchasing the clan emblem on the RIOX PORTAL;
  • The clan owner will be able to promote two admin slots. It is possible to buy more slots through the RIOX PORTAL;
  • Only the owner or administrator will be able to invite other players to join the clan;
  • Only the owner or administrator will be able to expel other members of the clan;
  • If you are a member of a clan, the name or icon will be visible to other players;
  • Servers will be limited to 8 players from the same clan;
  • A clan member can leaves at any time he/she wants;
  • The owner cans edit the clan's name or image by purchasing a "changing" ticket on the RIOX PORTAL;
In-game Chat
There's to types of chats:
  • Global Chat: Everyone on the server can access the chat.
  • Clans Chat: Only members of the same clan can access.

Territory conquest system

In large neighborhoods, there will be some areas that have territorial delimitation, visible by the quick map "M". In these areas, they present the possibility of conquering clans and information about territories to be dominated or that have already been conquered. Available territories will be indicated by a yellow line, and the dominated areas will be in red color, with the name of the clan that dominated that area. Within each area there will be a main house, where the player can conquer territory. Once he enters this house, there will be a specific room to start the achievement.
If the area has not been dominated, just enter the central/main house of the territory, go to the room and as soon as you enter there the sentence will appear on the screen:
" - Do you want to dominate this territory? "
  • YES
  • NO
Once accepted, a note will automatically appear to everyone on the map that the area has been dominated by your clan, containing the information on the map, by pressing the "M" key.
In case of areas already dominated, there is the option to steal that domain by invading the area you want to take. Just enter the area, eliminate the enemy clan and go to the main house of the territory. Once in the room, the following note will appear:
" Do you want to steal the domain of this clan xxxxxxxx ? "
  • YES
  • NO
Once you accept, the domain will be automatically removed, opening the option to make a new domain for that area.


  • To conquer an area, the player must pay a conquest fee using RIO COIN. (They must have RIO COIN in their inventory);
  • No fee will be required to take over an area;
  • Any player can take control of the conquered territory;
  • Only clan members will be able to conquest territories;
  • If the player conquers a location, and then leaves that location, his dominance will continue until another player or clan conquers that location;
  • The territory dominance system will be enabled when it reaches +40 players on the map;
  • If the player makes a territory conquest and the number of players on the map drops below the player's limit by the territory dominance system, this system will be disabled instantly, but the dominance will continues until another player or clan steals it.

Global Territory Conquest score for the clan

Whenever the player conquers a location, the clan earns 1 point which is added up per area. To complete this domain, the player or clan must defend that location, and the domain for XX minutes to complete the domain, adding the point in the clan profile.
On the map there will be 5 domination points indicated by numbers. In the clan statistics, there will be a panel containing the 5 territories, which will show the amount of territories dominated by the clan (the numbers of territories are still variable as they are being tested).
Nome: RIOX Community
Creation date: 12/20/2022
Members: 46
Territories dominated by month.

Reward for Clans

The collection system for distributing rewards will works as follows:
In these territories there will be commercial buildings, billboards, busdoor and advertising boards. These advertisements will be offered through our RIOX PORTAL to companies as T-NFT. These boards can be rented for commercial visual communication companies. The earnings obtained through the sale of advertising in these places, will be reversed in rewards distributed to the clans that dominate those places.
If a member of the clan dominates the T1 territory, and in this place there is an advertisement for the company "Survival Finance", this entire clan will receive a percentage of the advertising that the company has paid.
According to the numbers of "territories dominated by month" the system creates the statistics of all existing clans, and divides it in percentage between them by area. This percentage that the clan receives for each territory will be distributed in the RIOX reward system to clan members.

Clan's Global Ranking

Points will be credited or deducted for in-game consequences:
15 Points
Territory domain
20 Points
-10 Points
Kill clan partner
-20 Points
Killed by infected
-20 Points
Other types of death
-25 Points