We want to create a strong and lasting economy from Raised in Oblivion X, because the game has a unique token model. RIOX is a governance token linked to key decisions and votes on resolutions. As the organization moves towards decentralization the game's utility token keeps the platform liquid and fuels the survive to earn economies.

RIOX Token

The RIOX token is the governance and utility token of the RIOX Metaverse. Interactions with RIOX tokens are usually done by three characters. All RIOX transactions from these characters will be via smart contracts.
  • Owners / Collectors;
  • Players;
  • DAO;

Owners / Collectors

The collector buys items, advertising or tokens and expects their value to increase. They can make use of their assets by being part of the Staking Pool and DAO system, lending assets to players or guilds.


Players can participate in the economy by trading on the RIOX PORTAL, earning in-game rewards or purchasing in-game assets and paying for tournament subscriptions.
DAO Curators
DAO curators must ensure that all content on the marketplace follows the RIOX METAVERSE ethos and conforms to its guidelines. Curators can bet RIOX tokens and earn rewards for the service.
RIOX Foundation: The foundation acts as a support for the changing engine. As a result, any assets sold on the platform will share part of their settings with the DAO via smart contracts.
Staking Pool: Aims to remunerate RIOX token holders who are also players on the platform with greater earning potential.
DAO Treasury: Represents the RIOX that are owned by DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) from the sale of assets owned by this foundation. The funds generated through this Treasury will be transferred to the market to pay operating expenses.

RIO Coin

RIO Coin is an in-game item that can be exchanged for other items or converted into RIOX Token.
RIO Coin cannot be accumulated in the game, because every day this item must be redeemed and converted, as it will be reset after 24 hours, managed by the AI ​​balance algorithm.
Casual players who do not have the Character NFT will not be able to exchange RIO Coin for RIOX, they can only spend it in the game getting items to survive.
RIO Coin is not sold outside the game. It can only be acquired by playing.