Survival and Earn

Survive and Earn is an available resource to our players' community on RIOX Metaverse. S2E players will be represented by Character NFT, but if the players don't have the character NFT, they won't join this mechanic.
Survive and Earn's potential mechanic consists in some key factors that affect the player's earning pontential.
The player's daily limit is according to the following standards:
  • Total NFT's character minted;
  • Total NFT's character on wallet;
  • Caracter's NFT rarity rank;
  • Player's total XP;
  • K/D: Kill Death Ratio (How many times the player can kill before they die).
And apart from the players daily limit, there's also the AI square balance algorithm:
  • Total players;
  • Total holders;
  • Total players rewards;
  • Total available revenue;
The exchange rate of RIO Coin to RIOX token will be adjusted automatically, by the AI balance algorithm. It prevents a possible economic imbalance on RIOX ecosystem.
Keep it in a fair value for RIO Coin is essential to in-game economy (focused on S2E) and also for the real economy that turns around the RIOX Token. The IA algorithm balance acts as a counterweight to the imbalances experienced by holders, earners and RIOX token holders, keeping it sustainable and stable for a long-term.