RIOX Portal Economy

What we're building in Raised in Oblivion X can redefine more than just the world's gaming landscape.
We believe in the idea that there is the potential to change the way people interact with and perceive traditional socio-economic structures (such as financial institutions, markets and governments). This is because the RIOX universe built on the foundations of Web 3.0 based on a concept for a self-sovereign financial system, an open economy, universal digital representation and ownership, which lends itself to a wide variety of environments and emerging digital ways of creating value.
The diagram below details the ecosystem target audience that makes the RIOX Metaverse economy efficient. The main targets are:
  • Game Players;
  • Collectors / Owners;
  • DAO Curators;
  • DAO Treasury;
RIOX Portal Diagram


The auction will provide a unique opportunity for RIO-X holders through periodic auctions where T-NFT can be acquired. Each Temporary NFT has the item's expiration date as described in the auction listing. This allows companies or groups of investors to choose them on the mini map and get a game feature. Therefore, the temporary function only works in the game. Outside of the game, the purchased T-NFT will still be in your wallet only as a collectible.
In auctions it is possible to buy items such as:
  • Advertising on Billboards, Walls and Signs;
  • Tickets for Concerts or Events;
  • Rental NFT;
  • Clan Sale;
  • Celebrity Exclusive NFT;
Access to auctions will only be available to RIOX Token players.


Within the RIOX PORTAL, specifically in the marketplace, users of the RIOX universe can interact with web3, create an account and associate their wallet to trade on the platform.
The platform is built using some DeFi, Gaming and DAO features.
  • Shop;
  • NFT Sales;
  • Exchange;
  • Pools / Farms;
  • Lottery;
  • Gallery;


Tournaments will be created by the community itself and may receive investment from our partners, players, companies or from the treasury fund managed by DAO. They can also be created and organized by the team of moderators together with the community.
Subscription will be made in the social interaction areas and their tickets will be sold on the marketplace. The awards will be set according to the description. Champions and second place ones will receive a temporary in-game identification badge next to their nickname.