Please note this document is subject to change as development progresses

  • Partnership with Red Dragon, Nvidia and AWS;
  • Pre-alpha version launch;
  • Updates (v0.9.0; v0.9.1; v0.9.2; v0.9.3);

  • Updates v0.9.5 and Integration Tests;
  • Strategic Planning (on blockchain);
  • Introduction to the Market (Roadmap creation, Tokenomics and Pitch Deck);

  • Website Update (temporary);
  • Hiring new employees;
  • Whitepaper Update;
  • Airdrop Event System;
  • Modeling of new weapons;
  • VOIP System;
  • Remodeling of characters;

  • Tournament (pre-alpha users);
  • In-game WEB3 integration;

  • Launch of the Marketplace;
  • Launch of the first NFT collection;
  • Contract Audit;
  • Beta launch on Testnet;
  • IGO and TGE;
  • Listing on CEX;
  • First live show on the metaverse;
  • E-Sports Team and Guilds partnership;
  • Official game launch;
  • Tournament (e-sports and guilds team);
  • New map (rocinha);

  • Planning and new partnerships;
  • Video Game Console Integration;
  • Feasibility for integration with VR utilities.
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