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What is Raised in Oblivion X?

The first survival FPS game on the blockchain.
Raised in Oblivion, or just RIO, is an online action and survival game set in Rio de Janeiro city.
RIO's universe takes place in a post-apocalyptic Brazil, specifically in Vidigal (neighborhood and a favela in Rio de Janeiro), where a infectious virus disease called "suitcase-virus" is spreading around and making people affected by it get an unconsciously agressive behaving about to attack anybody else.
After lots of several guesses about how this virus "has born", B1 just released a note on its newspaper saying that there are recordings showing an explosion at the government scientific research institute NBC and it happened few days before some people being infected and residents said that few moments before the explosion, men in suit arrived taking suitcases and on it was written "Future", then the place was demolished in a hurry. The government just issued that note:
"– There was not an explosion, the place was just sold to some abroad huge company."
Intending to suppress the contagion, the local government build containment walls, so who is in there can't leave and who is out there can't in. They must survive in this chaos until the cure comes.
In the game the players will fight against each other players, keeping day and night looking for refuge, weapons, food, medicine and coins. The game's purpose is promote conection and interaction between people.

Game Development

Raised in Oblivion was born in 2019 to 2020, as an indie project and it become the winner on Brazil Game Show 2019 (BGS), the biggest game event of Latin America. This event takes place once a year in São Paulo.
Brazil Game Show 2019 - Award Time
"– Despite all the difficulties, in the end everything worth it, especially because I got the reward. At BGS 2019 our team had just a month and short resources to develop a preview. After all we did it. Rio's prototype was done with so much effort and great dedication, so as you can see, we were elected by popular vote, as the best indie game of the event."
Jhoniker Braulio - COO
Best Indie Game - BGS 2019
The project is in constant development, there was a preview access at STEAM for test, validate and fix bugs with the support of the community. The game is currently in closed pre-alpha.
We managed to complete the base stage of a survival game, with the following features:
  • Survival mode;
  • 24/7 server;
  • Menu;
  • Main Map (Vidigal) plus 3 neighborhoods;
  • Starveling and thirsty system;
  • Day and night system;
  • Weather system;
  • 6 weapon types;
  • Magazine and ammo;
  • Flashlights;
  • Food;
  • Drink;
  • 15 types of infected;
  • Armament skins;
  • Custom characters;

RIO's legacy for X

RIO-X: Raised in Oblivion X - Represents the game's final version, fully integrated on blockchain. RIO: Raised in Oblivion will undergo significant changes to bring a new concept of survival games, being one of the most completed games that uses blockchain technology. Thus the X version will be the latest and employed technology on FPS game's market.
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